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What service areas and locations does GRide serve?

GRide serves all active buildings/campuses where Googlers currently sit in MTV, PAO and SVL.

To facilitate ridesharing, we can only pick you up or drop you off at a certain location for each building. Most stops are in front of the main lobby, but please note that some are irregular and/or shared between multiple buildings.

Why is my ride combined with someone else’s?

This is called batching and allows us to more efficiently use our resources while also keeping wait times to a minimum. Approximately 30% of rides are batched.
Why am I not able to sit in the front seat?

Due to an airbag recall, we are unable to for safety reasons to have passengers sit in the front seat of Toyota Siennas that have yet to be fixed. These vehicles will be denoted with a sign on the front dash.
What vehicle will pick me up?

Our fleet includes Toyota Sienna minivans (6 passengers), Chevy Spark EVs and Chevy Volt hybrids (3 passengers). We also have a Sprinter minibus (15 passengers) but its availability for pickups is limited to midday (11:30am-2:30pm).
Can I bring my bike?

You can request a van with a bicycle rack via the app by clicking on the "Bicycle/Wheelchair" box.
Are the vans accessible for a wheelchair?

If you use a wheelchair, you can request an accessible van by clicking on the "Bicycle/Wheelchair" box in the app.

If you have a visual impairment, please email or call #844-442-8696 to arrange a driver to meet you inside the lobby.
Is GRide the only option for getting around campus?

Depending on where you’re going, a GBus connector shuttle might be your quickest option.

You can search for connector routes using the GBus web or Android app.
Can Temps, Vendors and Contractors use GRide?

Can guests use GRide?

Yes, as long as they are accompanied by their Google host(s).
Can children ride as guests?

Children must be at least 8 years old to ride for safety and compliance with California law.
Can I use GRide to move boxes, office assets, equipment etc.?

You’re welcome to carry things with you, as long as they don’t block passenger seats for other Googlers.

GRide can not transport and deliver items without you present. Please use shipping, receiving and mail services for inter-office shipments.
Can I take a GRide to a non-Google-owned building?

No, sorry. Our service area is currently limited to Google-owned buildings in Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Palo Alto.
Can GRide take me to the San Bruno or San Francisco offices?

No, but there are shuttles between MTV, SBO and SFO during commute hours.

You can look up all shuttle locations and routes on the GBus app, the shuttle schedule spreadsheet. Email with any GBus questions.
Can I schedule rides in advance?

No, GRide is an on-demand service only.
Can I request a round trip?

No, you will have to request a second ride for the return trip.
I live near a Google building. Can I use GRide for my commute?

Sorry, GRide is not intended for commuting at this time. All of our current resources are needed for intra-campus transportation.

Please consider alternative commute options like GBus, carpooling or a commuter bicycle to keep GRides available for other Googlers.
Other questions, comments or suggestions?

You can provide feedback through the app after each ride or through the Feedback feature in the settings menu.

If you have any other questions, please email and we’ll be happy to assist!
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